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Are Daft Punk working on a new album?

Publié par daftworld sur 10 Avril 2015, 10:19am

Are Daft Punk working on a new album?

Daft Punk might possibly be working on a new album, according to Chicago-based house DJ and producer Paul Johnson.


As reported by Harder Blogger Faster, Reddit user iwaskylester101 spotted a Facebook post from Johnson, which showed picture of an old poster of a night in Paris he had DJ’d at with Daft Punk, 15 years ago.


This led to a string of comments under the post, with fans stating that Daft Punk should return to their old ‘Homework’ sound. One user, Norman Methner, wrote: “i miss these days !! i think its about time someone bringing this genre back 2 life.”

Johnson then replied: “Their working on a new house album right now Norman.”

This is, of course, not definitive proof that Daft Punk are actually working on a new album, but with the duo’s recent involvement with Jay Z’s Tidal project, it’s possible that they might be looking to release some new content soon.

Are Daft Punk working on a new album?
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