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Le Knight Club’s return with The Fight

Publié par daftworld sur 15 Mai 2015, 22:01pm

Le Knight Club’s return with The Fight

Episode I – The Phantom rumor


All has started when a rumor was broadcast by a French electronic music magazine, saying that Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo was in full production of a solo album with prestigious guests such as Charlotte Gainsbourg. The news have spread in all French media very quickly (web, print, TV and radio) and necessarily transformed into separation of Daft Punk. Just to make sure, DPA has inquired about the subject and it proved that this information was totally wrong, of course (see article here).


Episode II – Attack of the fans


On February 3, a new rumor has taken place with a video into the Facebook account of a Daft Punk fan who is the most popular on the web, named Daftworld. Indeed, after receiving an index from the website www.imdb.com reporting that Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo is credited into the movie Gates of Sun – Algeria forever and after viewing the video of the single Lorie – Gates of the Sun released simultaneously, he immediately made the connection and put it into his Youtube channel, renaming it with Daft Punk feat. in front. Without second thought, just as an advance to anticipate the media. No one had more information so they took the information on this account and this has taken big proportions. Patrick Matteodoe (soundtrack’s composer) has quickly denied and saying that the director had appealed to Guy-Manuel for the soundtrack, but the half of Daft Punk preferred to compose with his friend Eric Chedeville (Rico the Wizard, Sixtine 1/3) as « The Knight Club » (note that the duo was leaders and founders of Crydamoure). At the end, only one track has been selected for a fight scene into a Night Club, accompanied by a song of the band Sixtine. In short, no collaboration with Miss Pester (equivalent of Britney Spears in France).


Episode III – Revenge of the Knights


So the movie was released in cinemas on March 18, everyone thought to find the soundtrack in stores or in major digital platforms (iTunes, Beatport, Amazon…) to listen THE big comeback of Le Knight Club, but there is nothing at all. So if you missed the film in theaters, no chance to enjoy this serious comeback. DPA has decided otherwise because it has the reputation to miss anything about the robots, you know. So we took care to contact one of the persons concerned to make you listen exclusively THE FIGHT, the last track of THE KNIGHT CLUB. A short track (film’s need) with a radically different sound universe that Crydamoure had accustomed us. We’ll say no more about it! Connect your amplifier, your boomer, press PLAY on the player below and put your advice in the comments of this article or into our Facebook/Twitter Page.


Episode IV – A New Hope


After composing The Fight, the human half of Le Knight Club, Eric Chedeville was generous enough to share, via his SIXTINE Soundcloud account (Electro-pop band with his wife Melanie, Rico and Laury Chanty), an unreleased track named Think Love Not Hate. Originally composed in 1999, the voice is provided by the House Music pioneer, DJ Sneak (who, remember, has already joined the duo with the EP « Intergalactik Disko and participated to Discovery for the lyrics of « Digial Love »), for some words directed towards peace, against war. Musically, an amazing bassline, some saxophone sounds played by Jerome Badini (son of the famous JAZZ conductor, Gérard Badini), some musical notes played with the same chords (on Rhodes piano) of a track by Crydajam and typical sounds ranging from Latin House (not far from Masters at Work) and Bossa Nova. A huge Crydamoure’s track! So why this sudden return after more than 10 years without do nothing out with this name (note that they work together for the album Sexuality from Sebastien Tellier)? Does the return of Crydamoure is possible? Knowing that the duo had prepared several trax for the movie (probably too « disco » for the atmosphere of the film)? Yes, we can have a NEW HOPE!

CRYDAMOURE on Daft Punk Anthology
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