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Bienvenue sur le blog du plus grand fan Officiel de DAFT PUNK !!!

Official Daft Punk action figures to be released

Publié par daftworld sur 28 Juillet 2016, 09:22am

Few acts engender such fan devotion and critical appeal as French duo Daft Punk. A clever combination of masked-mystery and prodigious musical skills have turned the beloved robots into global superstars who can operate solely on their own terms — perhaps the rarest, most difficult feat in music. It also allows them a certain latitude when it comes to the types of merchandise the group puts out, as they are confident fans will snatch up most anything they release.


Thus we have the release of Discovery-era Daft Punk action figures from Japanese manufacturer Medicom. The figures are highly detailed — working jacket zippers! — and, most notably, the group’s iconic helmets light up. They’re due to be released in May 2017 and are available for preorder on Medicom’s site. No official price has been released but they are reportedly going to retail for approximately $250 USD.


DaftPunk-ActionFigueres-1 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-2 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-3 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-4 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-5 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-6 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-7 DaftPunk-ActionFigures-8


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