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This replica Daft Punk helmet is actually better than Daft Punk’s

Publié par daftworld sur 5 Septembre 2016, 14:51pm

This replica Daft Punk helmet is actually better than Daft Punk’s

Daft Punk helmets are the ultimate fancy dress accessory. Many have tried, and failed, to reproduce Daft Punk’s iconic robot helmets. Remember Volpin Prop’s effort from a few years ago?


Well, Love Props – which consists of an industrial engineer and a prop enthusiast – have created a Guy-Man helmet that’s actually better than the original.

Not only has Love Props’ version combine the best of the Guy-man’s Discovery-era helmet with cues from the current RAM-era helmet – their version has been redesigned and improved over the original.

Not only is it stunning to look at (just look at it) – Love Props have doubled-down on the LED customisation options; their helmet includes the ability to connect the unit via USB to a computer and live compose new LED animations in any music/midi production software or workstation.

That then allows the user complete control over the colour, brightness, saturation and timing of the LEDs without any coding, making it possible to create LED animations in a more expressive and artistic way.

Even more impressive is the inclusion of a beat detection algorithm that determines the tempo or BPM of incoming music from the mic/line input and modifies the BPM of the MIDI animation being played on the visor. All this can be controlled by a tiny screen hidden within the helmet or via a wi-fi connected device, like a tablet or mobile phone.

“More than just a tribute of the Daft Punks Guy Man. A hand made sculpted model, grade A+ attention to detail, custom design PCB electronics, Wifi, MIDI, motion/audio interaction, 250 RGB LEDs and a huge programming job, make this unit a really special tribute to the iconic helmet. A light instrument designed for composing and generate music for the eyes housed on a one-of-a-kind redesigned Guy-Man helmet.

“The designing, building and programming of the GM01 unit took more than one year of daily work. Finishing it with the desired quality was a huge odyssey.”

The prop makers have written an extensive blog about how they made their replica helmet if you fancy following in their footsteps and have a spare 12 months on your hands.




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Essay writing reviews 09/09/2016 11:37

Ornate & shining daft punk helmet mask for Halloween DJ party!For the Voice Control Thomas Edition support voice control. The Led lights is controlled by the volume of your voice. It is really amazing. Thank you for sharing this post.


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