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Incredible Video Edit Reveals The Sources Of Daft Punk’s Vast Sampling Library From 70s & 80s

Publié par daftworld sur 29 Mars 2017, 15:46pm

Sampling is an art form in and of itself, but no recording artist has ever elevated the art to a higher level than Daft Punk. The legendary French duo are renowned for their meticulous sound engineering, but even their sampling is taken above and beyond. Listen to the video below to get a sense of how they have used a vast range of sampling (most from 70s and 80s) in a variety of original ways. And speaking of engineering, you can also watch a fascinating documentary revealing the story behind Daft Punk’s iconic helmet design.

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MR A 30/03/2017 05:44

now, i apreciate more daft punk music :)


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