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Bienvenue sur le blog du plus grand fan Officiel de DAFT PUNK !!!

French Touch heroes talk about Daft Punk

Publié par daftworld sur 8 Août 2014, 13:16pm



Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: third EP on Roulé’s Label with ‘Vertigo’ and the track ‘Music Sound Better With You’
Complete Interview : here (fr)


DaftSide: ‘Thomas Bangalter’ said that Roulé’s Label wasn’t permanently closed, if the opportunity arises, would you work with him again?


I’m very proud to have participated to the Roulé’s adventure with ‘Vertigo’ and ‘Stardust’. Of course, if the opportunity arises, I’ll be very happy to release another EP for ‘Roulé’. For ‘Stardust’, it was matter of doing a second single and an album but it has remained at the draft stage. The fact that it’s a ‘one shot’, gave more impact and weight to ‘Music Sound Better with You’.


Alan Queme


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: singer of the track ‘Music Sound Better With You’
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: About ‘Music Sound Better with You’, how did you become the singer of the French Touch’s song that is the most respected of ‘Electronic Music’?


One day, Alan Queme introduced me to Thomas Bangalter, and we already had at the time the urge to do something together. I was lost Thomas a little, when I saw Alan who told me that he was about to release an EP on Roulé. Then, things got quite naturally done … I don’t remember very well how it was done, the fact remains that we found us, one day, in the studio of Thomas and we wrote this song.


Benjamin Cohen

DaftSide: Are you proud that Guy-Manuel have chosen that track for the recall of Alive 2007 ? What did you think about their last Lives in 2006-2007?


Yes, I’m extremely proud of this, and contrary to that said Pedro (Busy P) in a magazine that I’ll not mention, I absolutely do deny nothing. This song was written at a time in my life, and then directed. Their Lives impressed me, I was very surprised as many people, the show made a big slap to ​​me.


Benjamin Cohen


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: « See Me Now » composed by Le Knight Club, the Together Tour and Alive 2007 Part 1
Complete Interview: there (fr) and here (fr)

DaftSide : Do you have found some memories of your first Live in Nimes (South of France) just before the Daft Punk’s show in 2007?


A good memories, though only the first part of our whole tour and during the beginning, I really wondered if it was a good idea. Finally the Live went well, I liked our first part placed before the stage, amplifier on the ground without lights and the top part with all of their mess. I think we joined two ends of a thing that night and then the evening was extremely symbolic in France with our old friends…


Philippe Cerboneschi


Type of Relationship: friendly
Musical’s Link: no
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide : A similarity between Acid sounds (Juno 106) of ‘Hysterical Mama’, ‘Burnin’ and also ‘Rollin and Scratchin’. A melody with harp sounds in your ‘People’ like ‘Voyager’ and the effects of your Talkbox voices vs the Vocoder of the Robots. Was it a competition or is it a coincidence?


‘Hysterical Mama’ was on the first album of ‘Dax Riders’. This album is a compilation of all our unrealeased tracks made ​​between 1995 and 1998. At that time we were often in each other (Daft Punk and Dax Riders), we can see DP in a picture on our booklet. You also can see ‘Laurent Garnier’ with ‘Jack de Marseille’ and ‘Jean-Marie K’ on another one, ‘Gildas Kitsuné’, ‘Eric Chedeville’ (Le Knight Club, Sixtine)… Cedric is on the appreciation of ‘Max’ and ‘Rolling scratching / Da Funk’ and me in those of ‘Homework’. We listened to our respective tracks, we lent the stuff and I know that every day, we can get some help from them. Cepenant for the recording of our second album, we saw us less as we were in the South of France. Sorry, I played a few games like ‘Trivial Pursuit’ with Guy-Man near Marseille (a big city in South of France). ‘People’ was released six months before ‘Voyager’ and for this time, yes we can say that it was a coincidence.


Olivier Ruel



Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: rework of « Signatune » and Vocoder voice for « 113 fout la merde »
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide : In an interview for a MTV’s documentary about ‘Daft Punk’, you said that you had listened ‘Discovery’ with Thomas before its release … in a plane. Are you close to him ?


Thomas is the one who helped me the most intentionally and sometimes unknowingly, because he talks in his sleep and gives his best advice after a milk-honey in his African hut in Ouagadougou.


Mehdi Faveris Essadi

DaftSide: Is it you who went to look for him, to raise his robot voice for the track ‘Le 113 fout la merde’?


I asked him to lend us his Vocoder, he came because he was surely afraid that we break it!


Mehdi Faveris Essadi

DaftSide: Why have you thought to Thomas for the rework of ‘Signatune’ ? How did you work with the sample?


This is Thomas himself who has offered to rework my track ‘Signatune’, I thank him again. I should also mention ‘Kavinsky’ who gave me the sample and Xavier from ‘Justice’, who gave me the main of two tricks for the sample’s treatment. In fact, I almost did nothing on this track! That’s why it’s so different of what I usually do and we hesitated a long time to release it in a video.


Mehdi Faveris Essadi


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: co-producer of « Digital Love », remix of « Burnin » and « Stardust »
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: For the video of ‘Burnin’, you are performing in a VIP party. Do you remember this moment with all these artists ? The shooting tool it well?


I met Thomas and Guy-Manuel one time when I was in Paris playin’ at the Rex Club, since that meeting we stayed in touch and when I went in Paris, the more times we all got together, we worked on stuff and wrote thing together but it was the friendship times we enjoyed the most. I was delighted to be part of the ‘Daft Punk’ craze! I fully supported them and got them exposure by just rockin’ their Chicago infleunces beats. When video time came out, I happened to be around so of course I wanted to be part of it. The ‘Daft Punk crew’ is a legacy and by far the best Electronic Artists from France.


Carlos Sosa

DaftSide: How did your colloboration with ‘Daft Punk’ with ‘Digital Love’ for their second album ‘Discovery’ ? What was your work specifically on that track?


I went to Paris on one trip, got together with the boys and had a private party at the loft house, Thomas had just moved into, we all had many drinks and fun together and in a rare form of musical display we decided to make beats in front of a few guests, the next few days we continued to work on the music and I sat back and wrote the lyrics to ‘Digital Love’. I had written other things but this song was very special from the get-go. I also co-produced the music and they polished it and I finished a masterpiece.


Carlos Sosa

DaftSide: Do you have any upcoming project with this group or other french artists ? A word about Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 performance and their soundrack for ‘TRON Legacy’?


Right now we are all very busy with our own lives and musical journeys, I hope that we get the chance to get together again and reconnect as friends first, I know we all have gotten married and they have kids and regular lives, this is what’s most important to all of us. Whenever the time is right I know we will get back in the studio and write again, I would love to get them back to domr Super Funk stuff like ‘Zapp’ a la Sneak and Daft. The time will come and we will be ready. I’m sure their new project will be successful as they are hard working fellows with a lot of vision and pianning.


Carlos Sosa


Type of Relationship: friendly
Lien Musical: influence
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: I had the opportunity to meet you several times after Lives of the robots in 2006, including ‘After Show’ of Belfort and ‘Arenes de Nimes’ (South of France). What did you think about the lives?


A great moment, like you, I’m a big fan of ‘Daft Punk’.


Fabien Pianta


Type of Relationship: influence
Musical’s Link: no
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Can you tell us your musical references of all time and why?


Since forever, I love movie soundtracks but I love so many things… If I give you 2 or 3 names you’re ok? ‘Paul Williams’ for the sensitivity of his music, ‘Daft Punk’ for the HUGE influence that they have had, and ‘Snoop/Neptunes’ for their music. They are killers!


Frédéric Falke

DaftSide: Just talkin’ about robots, did you go to see them at some of Lives in 2006-2007?


Yes in Barcelona, ​​I took a BIG slap. It was great! They are awesome… they have it.


Frédéric Falke


Type of Relationship : friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: former Daft Punk’s manager and former boss of Daft Arts
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Can you perfectly describe your role with the older projects of the robots? Artistic Director, Manager, Boss of ‘Daft Arts’…


‘Daft Punk’ assistant for many years, particularly in charge of ‘Crydamoure’ and ‘Roulé’ Labels, actively participated in the campaign of ‘Discovery’. There always has been a lot of fantasies about ‘Daft Punk’. They always decided everything alone. Around them, we just help them to have their ideas come to life.


Gildas Loaec

DaftSide : Why this big change from ‘Roulé’ to ‘Kitsuné’?


This is Dance Music, that I like most, Club Music. ‘Roulé’ is the Thomas Bangalter’s structure, I learned everything, ‘Kitsuné’ is my Label, I decided what it plays. There necessarily has links between the two, inspiration, a taste for great music and a strong image. ‘Roulé’ Label is one of the most exclusive music of the world… and with ‘Crydamoure’ and ‘Kitsuné’, of course …

Gildas Loaec


Type of Relationship: friendly
Musical’s Link: no
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: What can you tell us about Thomas and Guy-Man, ambassadors of the French Touch’s movement?


We were also able to meet the Dafts, occasionally, quite briefly and we still received a beautiful lesson of looking good. They may well have changed the music world, they are down to earth and give the impresion to work 24 hours to 24, surrounded by their true longtime friends. Result, their team, which ‘Peter J. Franco’ is part of them (sound engineer of their first album), is a bunch of lovely people and highly professional. It makes you want!


Antoine Hilaire



Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: co-producer of the track « Oh Yeah » and a remix for « HBFS »
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Crabbe, you’re a graphic designer and you’ve done some artworks for ‘Crydamoure’, can you tell us how did you manage to work for Rico (Sixtine) and Guy-Man?


I didn’t realize the artworks, I just made ​​some headlines in small logos for stickers and buttons of the first 5-6 EPs (Mosquito, Santa claus, Holiday on ice…). Usually the « Knights » give me the titles and I had a few days to complete a mini-mural related to the EP’s mood. I also did the logo for Versatile, now unchanged.


Jean-Sebastien Bernard

DaftSide: About your featuring for the track ‘Oh Yeah’ from their first album ‘Homework’, how did your collaboration and what have you exactly done on this track?


So, we watched a Porn movie with Deelat in the living room of Thomas. When he landed « there is no more 8-6 (beer)! », we didn’t care but he said we were wankers and them (daft) had an album to finish at the bottom of the house, they workin’ hard and blah, blah, blah… so we negotiated to go to the grocery store in exchange for credits on the album. He said « ok ». This is the real story.


Pascal Esposito





Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: many comparisons and « Guy-Man After All » remix
Complete Interview: here (fr) and there

DaftSide: You made an excellent remix for the track ‘Human After All’ (wink to Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo with the name ‘GuyMan After All’). Can we expect to have a remix of this two robots for your singles in the future? Many bands have made ​​first parts before Daft Punk’s Lives, have you thought about it? Especially for Bercy?


Have we thought about being at the first part of their Lives? No, because it was bang at a time when we had to emancipate that thing. We preferred to go at our own pace and play in smaller rooms, but do some Justice’s Lives rather than playin’ in stadiums at the first part of Dafts concerts, which is completely different. Although, I’m sure it would have been fun. No remix by ‘Daft Punk’ expected, but it could be fun.


Xavier De Rosnay

DaftSide: How do you feel to be constantly compared to those two guys?


I think that it’s an obligatory passage. Each new band is compared to a previous band. On this one, it was to ‘Daft Punk’. We were lucky but now we don’t hear anymore about that. We did a lot of promo lately, and it’s pretty rare that we talk about. I think, with a little distance, that most people realize that everything is quite different between ‘Daft Punk’ and ‘Justice’.




Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: the production of « Nightcall » by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo, all the first parts of their Tour Alive 2007
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: A remix for Daft Punk, is it interesting for you?


Well I willingly say yes of course, but I’m not a remixer. I love my music and to adapt to my style. Don’t ask me too many constraints or I forced myself too. We can’t say that I’m a very mature artist, so I compose slowly or I’ll do anything (laughs).


Vincent Belorgey

DaftSide: Tell us your best memories with robots during their world tour in 2007?


Wow, there are many. Already, it started when Pedro (Busy P) told me he wanted us to play with SebastiAn at Bercy (France). He told us that Daft Punk loved our music. We were pretty motivated to participate in this big thing with these guys, then they offered us to go at US, Canada and Europe Tour. We also said YES (laughs), and then finally, Japan and Australia. It was crazy, I personally had never been to Japan, this was my absolute dream! Go there in these conditions, it was just amazing. So, for a story, one of thousands, for the last night of the tour in « Sydney’s Olympic Stadium Games » with more than 35,000 people, full stage, I said to Guy-Man: « You do our dance! » (a dance that you do when you arrive somewhere, a little alcoholic, where there is some music), a kind of dance « I give myself, I dance as I can because I have too much muscles. » Anyway, I asked him to do it to that night inside the pyramid and he told me: « OK, but for what track? », I said: « One More Time » for the legend (laughts), and this idiot did it in front of 35,000 people! The worst is that this evening Thomas and Guy-Man had a big screen 32.8084*32.8084 feet (393.7008 inch) to each side of the stage (laughs).


Vincent Belorgey


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence and a remix for ‘Music Sound Better with You’ with Alan Braxe
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: What do you have to say concerning their new collaboration? You mixed the greatest ones, why not ‘Daft Punk’?


I’ve always been a big fan of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man. I like that they are able to release Techno (Outrage from the Irreversible OST for example but also funky discoish French House or Electro. They or Thomas created a whole new sounds and changed basically the whole of music industry. He and Pedro have done so much for France and the French Music than anybody else. All the others are just collecting what they have created. I have massive respect for that, especialy as it looks to me that he just did what he believed in, and that’s wonderful. And why haven’t I remixed Daft Punk yet…? Well I haven’t been asked to remix them… and it would also depend on the track of course. Maybe the track would be so good already that I even wouldn’t know how to remix it… I stopped at the begining of the year with this remix madness and only took ‘Lane Del Rey’ to remix so far as I reallly like her voice and vibe.


Christophe Hoeffel


Type of Relationship: professional
Musical’s Link: diffusion of the ‘Black Chess’ EP for the ‘Together Tour’
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: You said that we took attention to your work when Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon supported you during their ‘Together Tour’. How have they known your tracks?


After signing a contract with 20000ST Label (from Demon), the people of the Label gave my album ‘The Cult’ to a few specials DJs like Pedro Winter (DP manager at this time), then he gave it to Thomas and Stephane. And after a few months when they began their ‘Together Tour’, through the ADE Amsterdam, they were starting the show with the A Side of the EP ‘Black Chess’. I met them later through Pedro.


Laurent Ash

DaftSide: What do you think about their 2006-2007 Tour?


You can’t miss their ‘Live album’, it’s always good, same as the beginning. You can imagine that I’m a fan of their music. They’re great producers, they all understood. Their Live keeps the same intensity as I had seen them in 1994 at the Rave Party ‘Cybernaut Circus’ and at their ‘Daftendirekt’ Tour.


Laurent Ash


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence , mixtapes and unofficial remixes of ‘Get Lucky’, ‘Lose Yourself to Dance’
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: With tracks such as ‘Music 303′ or ‘House is Burnin’, we can feel clearly the ‘Daft Pun’k influence. What do you think about this mythical group?


As I said it previously ‘Daft Punk’ turns my musical life upside down and contributed to my self-fulfillment from the point of view of the creation… They’re at the origin of the interest which I carry(wear) towards ‘French Touch’ and engine which drives me every day to continue to make the music. A mythical, humble, discreet group which so much brought to the electronic music made and will again make generations shiver…


Joël Salesa

DaftSide: ‘Roulé Hymn’ and ‘Together’ make reference to T. Bangalter but also to DJ Falcon with his ‘HoneyMoon’. Is Stephane Queme also a musical reference for you?


Yes absolutely, ‘Roulé’ Lbel influenced me a lot in my musical choices and theme in touch with my album I was immediately under the charm when, for the first time, I discovered the sounds of the Label, I have the complete vinyk collection of it… Thomas Bangalter and Stephane Queme alias DJ Flacon represent a lot for me too, I have much respect for these two talented artists! ‘HoneyMoon’ from DJ Flacon and Thomas is my favorite track from the ‘saga’ of the legendary label! I wanted through ‘Roulé Hymn’ pay a tribute to these two artists and to te title ‘HoneyMoon’.


Joël Salesa


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: same ‘French Touch’ school and future movie with Thomas Bangalter’s wife
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: What do you think about the two ‘French Touch’ heroes?


I really like ‘Daft Punk’, the album DISCOVERY is a masterpiece. I like so much their conceptual approach, I’m always impressed by their ability to renew themselves.


Quentin Dupieux

DaftSide: What can you say about the collaboration of Guy-Man with ‘Sebastien Tellier’?


I think this is a real release for Sebastien. He wanted to leave the 70s and dreamed of modernity.


Quentin Dupieux


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: A few words about ‘Daft Punk’, who we all love in our community, and their album ‘Random Access Memories’?


We’re so excited to hear the new material, they’re the reason we got into ‘House/Dance’ music in the first place. The rumors of them working with Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder have only added to that excitement. They’re one the few electronic acts that puts out incredible albums every time.


Vaughn Oliver & Oliver Goldstein


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: remix of the track « The Prime Time Of Your Life »
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Concerning your excellent remix of the Japanese singer ‘Ayumi Hamasaki’, how did you do this huge bassline? We feel a high influence of ‘Daft Punk, Alan Braxe or Fred Falke’.


For the bassline, I wanted to make one but I thought it was too much, and this is Jean Nipon who convinced me to do this. He told me « kills people with this bass! ». I think that it would be cheesy but he was right, all U.S. blogers speak about this part of the track. This is a synth, a Prophet One with a simple setting and a little filtered resonance, no more easy in the world, and it’s played staccato and that’s all. The influence of Braxe, Falke is clear, Daft Punk also of course, the trick is a direct reference, almost a joke at first.


Jean-Baptiste de Laubier



Type of Relationship: family and professional
Musical’s Link: 2 EPs on ‘Crydamoure’, 1 on ‘Scratché’
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Why Thomas Bangalter has created ‘Scratché’, his subdivision of the Label ‘Roulé’, just for one single of ‘Buffalo Bunch’?


Because he liked this track but it wasn’t good enough to still on ‘Roulé’, that remains of very high quality. Thomas had this idea of ‘Scratché’ and I remember that it was Pedro who revived it to ​​open the label for this track, that Thomas did.


Paul de Homem Christo

DaftSide: Music for Homem-Christos is a family affair. What can you tell about your brother and his legendary band?


Oh, you already know everything about ‘Daft Punk’, you know better than me and I’m not kidding. I can just say that the Live at Bercy (France) was the happiest day of my life. And a true « reconciliation » between us because I had harshly criticized ‘Discovery’ (third album) that has hurt our relationship.


Paul de Homem Christo

DaftSide: Have you been influenced by Guy-Man when you were younger even if you didn’t listen to the same music?


Of course, he’s a huge influence in my life, like many big brothers are. Musically too. I started in ‘House Music’ and not in ‘Eurodance’ as I wanted. Not have the courage to do, so I made ‘Disco House’ like him. However it’s been years since I do some ‘Electro Music’ and then I’m free from his influence. I make music that pleases me without trying to sound like anyone. I’m proud of it, yes and no, it’s been years they’re to the top, nothing surprises me and it has become quite normal. It’s the largest group in the history of ‘Electro’, so everything that happens to them is purely logical.


Paul de Homem Christo

DaftSide: Is it annoying that we are constantly talking about ‘Daft Punk’?


Beh, you’re starting to piss me off! hahaha … And I repeat my brother and me never talk about music, it’s very rare. We don’t listen to our music references.


Paul de Homem Christo


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence
Complete Interview: here (fr)

Deathkillaz: Who had the idea to do a CD all in black and why can you make a pyramid with the package? Should we see a tribute to ‘Daft Punk’?


This isn’t a tribute to ‘Daft Punk’ who are still alive and, in my opinion, still the best. I really like their third album ‘Human After All’. In fact, it’s a manufacturing error.


Sylvain Dalido



Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: 2 EPs on ‘Crydamoure’, 1 on ‘Scratché’ and a video of ‘My Dear’ by ‘Daft Arts’
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Raw Man, you worked for ‘Scratché’ from Thomas and ‘Crydamoure’ by Guy-Man. How did you know the robots and do you keep in touch with them?


I’ve known them thanks to Paul (brother of Guy-Man) and have always considered them like friends who make music and not like the stars who they are. I’ll be eternally grateful that they trusted to us in the past. They are a big reference for me.


Roman Seo




Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence and an unofficial remix of ‘Voyager’
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: Your remix for ‘Voyager’ from ‘Daft Punk’ is completely awesome. Why did you choose this particular track from their great discography? Did you get Robot’s opinion and what about them?


We always loved this track, it’s an efficient track, without any vocals. But honestly we could have taken any Daft Punk’s tracks and remixed it with the same enthusism. There isn’t a single thing to throw away in their discography, even in the third album. Re-listen the grain of ‘Prime time of your life’! Those guys have revolutionized the electronic music and their live in 2007 was just unbelievable! We met Thomas during the ‘Boombox party’ of ‘Kitsuné’, a nice and simple guy. No more show off at his level (common denominator of the most prestigious ones)!!!


Luc Mignon & Arnaud Macias


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: unofficial remix of ‘Around the World’ and ‘Voyager’


Daftside: When I tell you « a group of legends like Daft Punk », you think about what and why?


I think about 2 guys who accompanied my musical career and who calmed everyone. They’ll remain forever in the memories of the ‘Electronic Music’. I trust of a comeback of the 2 robots and of our friend Jacko, also masked (smile).


Sébastien Léger


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: the album ‘Sexuality’ composed by Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo
Complete Interview: here (fr)
Album Sexuality

DaftSide: You say that ‘Discovery’ (second album) makes enjoying ‘Electronic Music’, can you tell us what tracks in particular and why?


I love ‘Discovery’, I still listen this album very often, my favorite tracks are ‘HBFS’… and ‘Veridis QUO’, pure ‘Daft Punk’!


Sébastien Tellier

DaftSide: Why have thought of ‘Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo’ to produce your third album ‘Sexuality’? How did you work?


I composed and created, then Guy-Man produced. I didn’t want that ‘Sexuality’ is a masturbatory album. So I needed a companion and I chose Guy-Man. He uses machines graciously . He’s a musical genius. In the studio of Guy-Man and ‘Romain Tranchard’ (Modjo 1/2), there were wonder drums from 50′s and Moogs, absolutely delicious.


Sébastien Tellier



Type of Relationship: professional
Musical’s Link: ‘Sedat – The Turkish Avenger’ EP on ‘Crydamoure’
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: Can you tell us your meeting with ‘The Knight Club’ (Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo and Eric Chedeville), Crydamoure’s leaders?


It was during a party with headlining, ‘Paul Johnson’. I met the old sound engineer of ‘Crydamoure’ who introduced me to Rico! Then he told me that Guy-Man and he, were interested to hear what I could offer to them. After several weeks of listening, I signed my EP on their label… for me it was a dream come true. I’m still very proud!


Sedat Erdogan


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: ‘Daft Punk’ is a group that we consider, in France, as the pioneers of ‘French Touch Music’ with Laurent Garnier. What do you think about that?


I think that they’re those who have most influenced the Dance scene in the 90s. I learned a lot of their music!


Mondo Grosso


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence
Complete Interview: here (fr)

DaftSide: A few words about the ambassadors of ‘French Touch Music’?


We never hid the fact that we are fans of them from the first hours. They’ve greatly influenced us in how to make music, and we think this is the case for many ‘Electro’ artists today.


Guillaume Manbell & Greg Kazubski


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence and a Mixtape for Daft Punk Anthology
Complete Interview: here and there

DaftSide: A few words about your older brothers ‘Daft Punk’, ‘Cassius’ and ‘Alan Braxe’, who we are worshipping in my ‘French Touch’ Community?


Well… is there really anything to say? The ‘Daft Punk’ are the first French Touchers. The first time I listened to ‘Da Funk’, I was so surprised, and this thing was on air on radios, which was very new at that time, as this type of thing wasn’t broadcasted. They opened a hell of a gap! And all those guys doing electronic music nowadays are the heirs of this stuff. When you see the number of guys who make more or less good tracks like the ones of ‘Crydamoure’ or ‘Roulé’ and post them on Soundcloud, I find this quite cool, even if it will be always be needed to put a personal touch to progress. It’s fantastic to see these guys influencing so many people even 15 yers after. Only the greatest like them can attract so much and so many by not doing a lot (actually). ‘Alan Braxe’ and ‘Fred Falke’ are two great producers. « Intro » will always be one of my favorite tracks I keep it in my sets. I like ‘Cassius’ for their 3 great albums, and less for their actual music. Zdar is a genius, with ‘Cassius’ or even with his work on the album of ‘Phoenix’. He understood everything. So big respect for those guys, they influenced me and of course gave me the motivation for making music.


Anthony Riet

DaftSide: How did you come to make a special ‘Daft Punk’ Mixtape for our website DPA?


So it’s DaftSide who told me his plans for a large website dedicated to Daft Punk ‘A to Z’, a kind of encyclopedia of the duo with a large content. He sent me a private link to the site that I looked and he asked me to do a special Mixtape of ‘Daft Punk’. By visiting the site, I was surprised by the professionalism of the stuff, the enormous work and effort they have put in there. As DaftSide (Pixel Hunter) also do the cover of my « Workbench » EP, I owed ​​him that and so, I agreed. This is sort of my tribute to one of the groups that has greatly inspired me to make music. Anyway I’m glad to do this mixtape for ‘Daft Punk Anthology’. Guys, congratulations for the great job that you did.


Anthony Riet


Type of Relationship: friendly and professional
Musical’s Link: singer and co-producer of the tracks ‘Face to Face’ and ‘Fragments of Time’
Complete Interview: here

DaftSide: Could You explain how ‘Daft Punk’ approached you in order to produce one of Discovery’s track?


I met with Thomas and Guy before their first album was released. We met up in NYC. There was an interest to collaborate. I guess the timing wasn’t right. When they were putting together their second album, they asked me to do a track with tem. I was very excited. I was honored to be part of it.


Todd Edwards

DaftSide: Did you only care about the vocals or did you also participate in producing it? Are there any new projects to expect with ‘Daft Punk’? Will your remix of ‘Technologic’ come out one day?


Thomas did a lot of the keyboard playing. I came up with 75 samples, and Thomas and Guy came up with 75 samples. We completed the main musical elements in my studio. They flew me out to Paris twice, to finish it. On the second flight out, I wrote the song. One of the samples in the track sounded like it was saying ‘Face to Face’. I was decided that the song should focus around that concept, and the song was written to reflect a piece of the story that Thomas and Guy wre telling through their album. I haven’t spoken to Thomas or Guy in a while. I would always welcome an oppurtunity to work with them again. They are always breaking new ground with what they do. I’m sure another collaboration doesn’t fit on their list of things to accomplish right now, but as I always say, working with them and spending time with them in Paris was one of the most memorable experiences to date. I am thankful for that. As for the ‘Technologic’ remix, I made it to play in my sets when I DJ. I’d be happy to have it released, but that was never my original intention.


Todd Edwards

DaftSide: What do you think about this band which became mythical and very popular? Are you proud of being considered as one of their « Teachers »?


Thomas and Guy are not music producers, they are artists. The difference to me is that a music producer creates great music. An artist creates great visions. To see the ‘Discovery’ album come together from the storyline to the music, to the marketing concepts that were used, you can see how much vision they have. The album concepts were all Thomas and Guy’s brainchild. They didn’t just creat upon ‘Leiji Matsumoto’ to animate their story. They came up with the idea of getting the masks made, and they decided to set up an internet club to give their audience free material from the album. Their work on ‘Discovery’ was a vision. It’s their artisitry as a whole, not just their musical creations that truly inspires me. As for being on the ‘Teachers’ track, of course it is a great honor, and I am glad that music that I do has played some part in their on going journey.


Todd Edwards


Type of Relationship: no
Musical’s Link: influence
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DaftSide: What can you say about ‘TRON Legacy’, the ‘Disney’ movie project, who ‘Daft Punk’ are intended to compose the soundtrack?


I’m absolutely not objective, I’m a big fan of Dafts as everyone and obsessed by the film ‘Tron’, we could look up twice during the evenings at Anoraak’s home. I see this project like a dream come true. I sincerely believe they’re the best to make this soundtrack.


Minitel Rose


I can’t wait. I was very impressed when seeing the video with background music… Quick quick quick. I’m going out my ‘Adidas’ from ‘Tron’ just for the movie! Tron, first name, is one of the most important movie for me. However, I’m wary of modern computer graphics, so I’m excited but afraid. See that it was the DP who composed this soundtrack was a huge and pleasant surprise for me. All those who have seen their last Tour Live, know that there are only ones who could pay tribute to this universe.


Pierre de la Touche



Type of Relationship: professional
Musical’s Link: remix for the track ‘Technologic’
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DaftSide: You followed a classical music course with the trombone. Who are the artists who gave you the will of playing ‘Electronic Music’?


I wanted to play ‘Electronic Music’ since I was a child. When I was listening to Jarre or Moroder. And ‘Dance’ or even ‘Techno’ like ‘Laurent Garnier’, ‘Daft Punk’ but also others who gave me the motivation.


Pascal Arbez-Nicolas

DaftSide: We would like to know if you have treated the remix of ‘Technologic’ differently, for the honor to remix a group that you enjoy since a long time?


I haven’t really dealt with the remix of ‘Technologic’ so differently. Obviously, there was some stress but I followed the same approach: listen to the original track, very few times, see what I hear back, it can take off, and do it. It’s true that they mean a lot to me (and millions of people anyway?). So I didn’t sloppy it. I didn’t see their Lives between 2006 and 2007, but we speak really good about it. No feedback at halftone. Our relationship is sporadic and friendly. I met Thomas a few times, everything goes well.


Pascal Arbez-Nicolas
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